Are you looking for a great experience with a yoga retreat in Costa Rica but you don’t know which type of yoga to try? Terra Caribea introduces you to the five type of yoga that you can practice in Costa Rica in order to help you find the one that works best for you.

Costa Rica has quickly gained a reputation for forming some of the best yoga instructors, especially in the Nicoya Peninsula. There are countless centers throughout the country, dedicated to the different types of yoga: Bikram, Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga or Lygengar.

Each practice will allow you to focus on your well being, surrounded by nature you’ll find balance between your mind and body and feel the energy flowing in you and around you.

The jungle, the wonderful landscapes, the sounds of the ocean or the forest will create a magical atmosphere perfect for the practice of this art.



Which type of yoga is best for you?


If you don’t like the heat, this is not the type yoga for you! Also called “Hot Yoga”, it is practiced in studios heated to a sauna-like 40°C in order to loosen your muscles, increase your ability to stretch and to allow your body to quickly eliminate toxins. This way, blood and oxygen circulate more easily and which contributes to your well being. Composed of 26 traditional poses, focused on alignment, this practice of yoga is open to beginners but not recommend for people suffering from cardiovascular disease or venous problems.


Combining several types of yoga, Hatha is ideal for beginners wishing to learn at a slow pace. As “Ha-Tha” can be translated into “union of the energies of the body.” It combines poses (asanas), breathing (pranayamas) and relaxation techniques in preparation for meditation. It will help you work on your concentration and maintain vitality at any age!


Ideal for people looking for a more energetic yoga session, Vinyasa combines sports exercises and meditation. This fairly fast-paced style requires you to move continuously throughout the class with a series of basic poses (sun salutations) and breathing exercises. You will develop strength, flexibility and balance.


Way more dynamic than the two mentioned before, Ashtanga is recommended for people wishing to sculpt their body and improve their endurance. This type of yoga aims to synchronize your breath and movements. It requires a certain flexibility. You will work on your strength and sooth away stress and tiredness.


This type of yoga is pretty specific since it is destined to anyone suffering from a physical problem and wishing to use yoga to relieve the pain. You will use props like blocks and straps to help you get into poses and work on your balance, flexibility and muscle reinforcement.

Where to Do Yoga in Costa Rica?



Where the Caribbean Sea meets lush tropical forest, you’ll find the fabulous Le Caméléon boutique hotel. The all-white minimalist rooms are decorated with a touch of bright color and have all the comfort expected in order to have a restful night after your day at the beach or for your afternoon nap after touring the region. Should you prefer to hang around the hotel, they offer private yoga classes, or Spa treatments in their ‘tree-house’ Spa.



Open in 1994, this hotel is one of the first ecolodge of Costa Rica. This is the ideal place for those who wish to admire the wonderful landscapes and enjoy the quiet private beaches. Nestled in a small isolated creek, this luxurious resort offers a magical view over the Guanacaste Pacific shores. The Spa’s ample selection of treatments offers options for the whole family and include massages, aromatherapy baths, body scrubs, and skin nourishing wraps. Beauty rituals, Costa Rican traditional healing arts, and local herbalist wisdom are artfully combined to gently relieve modern stress.


Anamaya Resort in Montezuma is one of the world’s premier yoga retreat centers. High on a bluff overlooking the Gulf of Nicoya, and next to Montezuma Falls, it has one of the world’s most spectacular locations for a hotel or retreat. Between beaches, tropical forests and waterfalls, Anamaya features daily yoga instructional sessions, rejuvenating massage and spa treatments, a lazy salt water infinity pool, fresh juice and organic foods.


Located on a pristine surf break, far from the nearest paved road, nature is an integral part of the Harmony hotel. The Harmony Hotel received a five-leaf rating from Costa Rica’s prestigious Certificate for Sustainable Tourism (CST) on its first evaluation and has maintained that rating since. Enter the spacious open-air yoga studio and look out onto the incredible natural surroundings. No walls, no mirrors, just the sounds of the deep green jungle. An additional open-air sanctuary is located near a lily-filled pond. Private classes are offered seven days a week.



With a maximum capacity of 16 people, this luxurious ecolodge offers personalized, top quality services where serenity, respect of nature and harmony are the key words. The hotel offers all kinds of activities and therapies to help you canalize your energy. The power of the surrounding nature, the heat of the sun and the gentle breeze will contribute to making you feel comfortable and relaxed. The hotel also offers private yoga or meditation sessions for all ages and all levels.



The Oxygen Jungle Villas are inspired by traditional Indonesian architecture. The task for the designers and in-house architect was to translate Balinese architecture into modern terms. For a maximum authenticity, most building materials and decorations were sourced in Bali, Indonesia and shipped to the Oxygen estate in Costa Rica. The Spa offers couples or individual massages with raw local organic ingredients. It is also possible to book private couples yoga sessions.



Set in the pristine and captivating Osa Peninsula near Corcovado National Park in southwestern Costa Rica, the Luna Lodge is a charming ecolodge constructed by Ticos who made the conservation and preservation of the rainforest a priority. With its 150m2 open-air platform hanging over the rain forest, the hotel can accommodate large groups who wish to explore activities such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Nia etc. Several yoga classes are given all year long.