Updated : 14 /12 /2020

What do I need to enter Costa Rica duriong the COVID crisis?

Travelling to Costa Rica during COVID-19 is easier than you think! Many have already done it, to escape the lock-downs in their own countries. Here is what you need to know.

Costa Rica is open to the world.

• No PCR test required to enter the country.
• Direct flights from the US and Europe
• Wearing the mask remains strongly recommended throughout the country.
• Beaches, national parks, activities, restaurants & hotels are open.

If you have any questions about your travel arrangements, you can contact the toll-free number: 0800 130 000.

What you need to do :
• subscribe to a travel insurance covering the risks of Covid-19
• fill out the digital epidemiological form

Details of travel insurance suscription covering the risks of Covid-19

Insurance is mandatory and covers on-site assistance and medical expenses up to $20,000, as well as $2,000 for housing in case you need to be quarantined and require medical care.
Terra Caribea’s choice: travel insurance.

The one recommanded by Costa Rica.

This insurance can be taken up to 48 hours before your trip.

In all cases, the insurance must provide you with a certificate in English or Spanish that states that you are covered in case of covid-19.

Fill out the digital epidemiological form to travel to Costa Rica

You have to complete the “Pase de Salud” and download the first 2 documents requested (in Spanish or English). You will have to fill in some personal information and information about your flight.

If everything is compliant and validated, you will receive a green QRcode that you will present to customs.

If you will have to show your documents manually when entering the country, then you will have an orange QRcode.
If the code is red, it means that one of the two documents is not valid.

We advise you to print the different documents for more simplicity at the time of boarding or arrival.

Let’s look at the silver linings ! They are some upsides to travelling in covid-19 times...

• More flexible cancellation conditions (travel agency and related services, airlines…).
• Attractive prices for international flights and local service providers.
• Reinforced health and safety measures.
• Little if no tourists in usually crowded areas : with a limited number of flights per week and a drop in tourist traffic, Costa Rica will offer you and you alone, a more exclusive experience with beautiful local encounters.
• Nature even more luxurious and more fauna with no people around

Why is Costa Rica the first country in America to reopen its international borders?

On July 21, 2020, Costa Rica was awarded the title of “Safe Destination” by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

This title was granted to the country thanks to the work of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, which subjected the country to a thorough review process of all health protocols developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and private sector tourism companies.

The awarding of this title reinforces Costa Rica’s prestigious and responsible image as a safe tourist destination before the world.

Health protocols in place in Costa Rica

It is important to note that Costa Rica is still affected by the pandemic and certain measures must be followed when traveling within the national territory.

– Disinfect or wash your hands regularly, at least 30 seconds.
– Avoid touching your face with dirty hands.
– Wear a mask to protect yourself and others (wearing a mask is mandatory in public places.)
– Cough or sneeze into your elbow or into your handkerchief.

– Take hydroalcoholic gel and a pen with you, if you have papers to sign.
– Keep a distance of at least one meter from others.
– Temperature checks may be performed before entering certain areas.

Terra Caribea suppliers committed to your safety during your Costa Rica trip

Each of our suppliers has a strict sanitary protocol, adapted to the services provided to the customers.
The protocols have been studied and approved jointly with the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (ICT) and follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.
Be responsible and follow all the indications of the collaborators. The priority is to stay healthy.

– Anyone who meets you at the airport will be equipped with a mask and will offer you antibacterial gel.
– Rental vehicles will be cleaned and disinfected before your arrival (cleaning protocol with a 70% alcohol solution).
– The rental companies present will all be wearing masks and you will be able to check in and sign documents electronically.
– All reception staff working in the hotel will wear masks.
– Access to common areas and swimming pools will be regulated.
– There will be no luggage service.
– Some establishments will perform temperature checks upon your arrival at the hotel.
– For all your activities, sanitary standards will be respected. Entrance to the sites will be limited in number of people.
For more detailed information please contact us.

Did you know that Costa Rica is a global example of good health crisis management?

The World Economic Forum, the New York Times, CNN and the BBC channel have highlighted the success of the handling of the crisis in the country. In fact, health is one of the areas that Costa Rica puts in the spotlight.